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PAGE CC 2010 Spring Apocalypse!!!

Stalled in its last big push, the Chaos invasion of Caldor IV has poured like fire across the entire planet, engulfing entire hives and regions in war. In the outer reaches at the base of Rittenhouse hive, the grinding combat toils on ceaselessly, the planet churned to hell unrecognizable under endless boots, tracks, and claws.


  • What: Chaos vs Imperials in a 12,000 pt Warhammer 40,000 showdown!
  • When & Where: Ethical Society Building, May 30, 1pm sharp!
  • Length: The game will run all day; plan to be there until 10:30--11pm, and to get dinner during a short break in the proceedings.


Chaos reigns as the forces of darkness roll over the outskirts of Rittenhouse hive!

At the end of Turn 5, Chaos held 4 objectives. Imperials held only their chapel ruins, their Vital Objective worth 2 objectives. The two remaining objectives were both contested. The game concluded at about 9:45, fifteen minutes ahead of schedule as the last two turns went rather quickly due to the paucity of units remaining on the board!

  • Photos are up here.


Note that many Apocalypse datasheets are available on the GW website.

Tom McCole has two Warhounds (750 pts) and two Reavers (1250 pts) available and Steve also has a (totally custom) Warhound!


Colin commanding

  • Tom, Chaos Marines
  • Brett, Chaos Marines/Demons
  • Colin, Chaos Traitors/Marines
  • Steve, Chaos Traitors/Marines
  • Charles [Chaos Marines]
  • Shawn, Chaos Titans



Strategic Assets (declared when used):

  • Disrupter Beacon
  • Flank March
  • Replacements
  • Redeployment
  • ?
  • ?

Secret Deployment Bid:

  • 3 minutes

Command notes:

  • 3000 pts each for Tom, Brett, Colin, and Steve


Joe K commanding

  • Buford, Space Wolves
  • Lorenzo, Daemonhunters
  • Joe K, Kingbreakers Marines
  • Daniel, Marines/Inquisition
  • Jon Donovan, Ultramarines
  • Kiril, Imperial Guard


  • Baneblade (500pts; Jon D)
  • Shadowsword (450pts; Buford) [ Tragically left at home!!! ]

Super-heavy option:


Strategic Assets (declared when used):

  • Careful Planning
  • Flank March
  • Vital Objective
  • Bunkers
  • Disrupter Beacon
  • Null Field Generator

Secret Deployment Bid:

  • 17 minutes

Command notes:

  • 2000 pts each!


We'll be adhering to this tightly in order to get in five solid turns! Please show up on time, and make best use of the opponents' turn to plan and prepare for your next turn.

1:001:30Arrive & setup terrain
1:302:00Team 1 deploys
2:002:30Team 2 deploys
2:303:50Turn 1
3:505:10Turn 2
5:106:30Turn 3
7:308:50Turn 4
8:5010:10Turn 5


Each team will bring 12000 points, allocated as they wish. Teams will negotiate Titans and Flyers beforehand outside of that point limit. Super-heavies may be included by teams as part of their general point allotment, but those choices must be shared with the other team beforehand.

Each team will secretly select and record six Strategic Assets. Jamming may not be taken as a Strategic Asset. The Replacements stratagem may not be applied to Titans, flyers, or super-heavies. Assets need not be declared until they are used or as directed by their rules.

Table will be roughly 6'x15', urban setup across the board. [ The table was just short of 5'x16'. ]

Teams will bid on deployment times, with the low bid deploying first and going first. Any units not deployed within that time allotment go into reserve. Any unused deployment time will be allocated to the early turns if running on schedule.

Deployment zones are 24" 18" along the long table edges. [ Shortened to 18" due to the tables in use only being 5' across rather than 6'. ]

Seven objectives will be placed, three evenly spaced along the center long axis of the table, and two each by the teams in their deployment zones. Placed objectives must be at least 36" apart and 12" from any table edge. [ In the end, we simply placed markers for the home objectives at evenly space intervals before choosing table edges, then replaced them with suitable terrain pieces. ]

Other Rules

Seize Initiative does not apply.

INAT FAQ rulings will be applied to any rules questions.

Players may field multiple detachments (factions).

Detachments need not comply to Force Organization Charts.

Players may use Apocalypse formations within their detachments and points limits.

Players may not field additional Titans, and flyers in their detachments without negotiating this among the teams. Super-heavies may be chosen freely within the team's points allotment, but must be shared with the opposing team before the match.

In general, friendly detachments cannot interact:

  • Buffs---army-wide, distance based, and otherwise---apply only to that player's models of that faction. For example, the Space Marine's Vulkan character makes only that player's Space Marines meltas and flamers master crafted, not those of other players or that player's Imperial Guard units. As another example, Space Marine Chapter Banners affect only that player's Space Marine models.
  • Units may not embark in Transports belonging to another detachment or player.
  • Independent characters may not join units belonging to other detachments.

Wrecked vehicles are left in place as usual and treated as difficult and dangerous terrain. However, they may be shot at or assaulted, treated as an AV 10/10/10, Immobilized vehicle. Any glancing or penetrating hit removes the wreck. Vehicles may also ram wrecks following the usual rules, potentially damaging the ramming vehicle but removing the wreck.

Vehicles that explode are replaced with a suitably sized crater as available.

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