Dec 16: Infinity Narrative

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Dec 16: Infinity Narrative

Post by tjkopena » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:16 am

Infinity RECON+ Narrative: The Gifts of Dr Tokh
Sunday, December 16, Noon to 9pm
Redcap's Corner (Philadelphia, PA)
$10 entry, all to store credit prizes

A one-day, team-based campaign over the course of three RECON+ rounds and one RECON+ doubles round. Players will join up into alliances as they try to break into a secret research campus of the rogue scientist Dr Tokh and steal her greatest secrets.

Players may bring up to 3 RECON+ army lists (at most 150pts, with restrictions on multi-wound models and other properties), all chosen from the same faction, with Mercenaries permitted. You must respect AVA across all three lists combined! Each list must also include an identical 12XP Spec-Ops trooper. Full army list rules, mission details, and campaign mechanics are in the packet available here:

All entry fees go to store credit prizes, awarded for standings in each narrative alliance, in-game achievements, and a player vote for best painted army.