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Infinity thoughts

Post by jwoolf » Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:28 am

So first up, a huge thanks to Team Harmon who were instrumental in teaching Infinity yesterday. Justin did an amazing job of explaining the complex rules, Akil gave me some very valuable advice re: my list and loaned me a few critical models, and Lovell passed along a printed copy of the rules, which has made it much easier for me to study how the game works. Anyone who was at the shop on Sunday has probably figured out that I'm pretty positive about this game.

Strong points for me are 1) the game is very dynamic, every action is a risk, and you're never sitting around without a decision to make, and 2) there's such a wide variety of troop types, stats, and special skills that it's not possible to be prepared for every situation. I think overall that's probably good for the game's meta. More importantly, there are a TON of options both for the listbuilding and the gameplay parts of the game. It's actually granular enough that I can use my hacker to interfere with my opponent's attempt to make an aerial insertion. That's badass. And I'm sure there are troops that aren't as good as others, but it's very expensive to use more than one, maybe two high-armor vehicles, so I think regular line troops are less likely to be trivialized. To Alex's point, your cheap scrubs (if you decide to bring them ) might spend the game sitting around, never getting an active order, waiting for your opponent to pop his head up, but that actually doesn't bother me, because they're still influencing the game as a deterrent, backup plan, etc.

Since this is mostly a 40k community it's bound to come up - I don't think that Infinity is comparable to 40k; they do different things. I won't be selling off my chaos army any time soon. So I don't think there's much cause for alarm if you have half of Nottingham in your basement.

There are a couple things that don't appeal to me, but they're mostly minor theme points, like some of the sculpts, or the fact that exactly two civilians are always present for a battle. Also, for all the free content that's available it seems to be pretty difficult to learn much information about the actual setting of the game?

It's been at least two years of intending to get around to this game that I wasn't initially interested in. I bought a few models back in 2014 and figured I'd wasted the money on them, but I am super glad I finally got this game on the table and I'm really looking forward to playing many more games of Infinity.
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