Dark Ages (Old MMO)

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Dark Ages (Old MMO)

Post by Arborwolf » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:50 pm

So I've on and off again played this old Nexon MMORPG called Dark Ages, which was first released in 1998. I'm back into it now and playing at a low level with some friends. The game was very advanced for its time, but is a 2D Isometric layout. Most spells have a cast time measured by "lines" which can be reduced by equipping certain staves as a priest or wizard. Skills have cooldowns and are all insta-cast, no global cd so you can spam everything at once. There is a political system in place where players can run for different offices (Guard, Judge, Demagogue, etc...) and vote for each other. Roleplaying was originally encouraged, and sometimes enforced in the major towns, but has died out over the years with a loss of player base.

Classes are the usual: Warrior, Monk, Rogue, Priest, and Wizard, however, you have the choice to either "Master" or "Sub" your class once you reach the 99th "Insight." If you choose to Master as a pure class you get certain benefits that sub classes do not get, such as pure only skills and gear. That being said, sub combos are some of the strongest chars in the game, and depending on what order you sub in it can change the character completely. For instance, a wizard that subs rogue will master as a rogue and the majority of his effectiveness will be from his Rogue abilities as the opposite is true for the flipside of that circumstance. Some of the most popular subs in the game are: Monk>Warrior , Wizard>Priest, Priest>Wizard, Monk>Rogue, and Priest>Monk, but the game is very well balanced and every class is viable these days. The game is free to play levels 1-99. After 99 you may master your character and do the grand master quests available. Once a grand master you can advance into the "Medenian" paths (Archer, Gladiator, Bard, Summoner, Druid) and ab up to the cap of 95(ATM).

If you're interested in trying it out you can download it at www.darkages.com. There is an informational page set up by one of the more prominent players DA-Wizard.com