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Fall 2018 GW Kill Team Campaign

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:30 am
by tjkopena
Redcap's is hosting Games Workshop's official Fall 2018 Kill Team campaign, starting Tuesday, Oct 9!

! Registration

$5 entry at the store, good for the duration of the campaign. When you sign up you'll get a campaign card; write your name and faction on it.

! Schedule

There will be 6 rounds of two weeks each. We're encouraging everyone to play at Redcap's on Tuesday evenings, but otherwise feel free to arrange matches on your own. You can play anybody & in any order, it's not a league with tournament pairings or so on.

! Campaign

The campaign uses the simple rules found in the Kill Team Core Manual (page 202).

Each player prepares a campaign command roster as per the instructions there.

Campaign cards will be hung on a poster in the play area. When you come in to play, find & take down your campaign card. After each match, update your resources on your campaign card following the rules in the Core Manual, and apply casualties and experience to your roster following the same. In addition, following your first two games each round, have the front desk stamp your campaign card. Then hang your campaign card back up on the poster.

Remember that players who go to zero in any resource become Guerillas.

! Tactics

Every round, each player will receive two new tactics cards!

! Prizes

Each month there will be a prize for the overall greatest total resources (a medallion) as well as the same for each faction (buttons).

In months two and three, *all players* that play at least 4 campaign games will receive dice (month 2) and objective markers (month 3)!

Guerillas get a sticker, and in months two and three there will be an award for the guerilla who plays the most games (a button).

At the end of the campaign the player with the best painted Kill Team will receive a signed poster of the cover art from the Core Manual.

Re: Fall 2018 GW Kill Team Campaign

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:31 am
by tjkopena
For those getting started, I've been collecting links to some resources here: ... k.KillTeam