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Post by Arborwolf » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:25 am

For anyone that hasn’t seen or is unable to see the fb post: Sascha and Adam are running a Necromunda league at Redcaps starting this week. They have painted up a hex map and developed a rather well thought out system for it. I’ll try to post more info about it, but if you’re interested stop by Redcaps on Thursday. Here’s a copy of his post:



We will start this week Monday our campaign. To start you don't need to know much, I am still writing up the rules. Though I can promise it will be a blast. We even will have a big weekly arena championship, will you claim the throne?

To start you must assemble a gang worth 1000 credits, and max 1 heavy weapon. Any credits not spend stay with your gang.

There are 9 starting locations on the map I need to know who will participated and I will give starting locations based on a first come first serve, though they are pretty much equally good. See map in comments.

Each round will be 2 weeks long. You can play up to 4 games. If there is demand for more I might allow more games in the future rounds.

We will play 6 rounds. So basically till July 1st. I will be pretty flexible with joining and dropping the campaign so no sweat if you can't dedicated yourself to it.

It would be great if by round 2 gangs are painted or at least 3 colors!

We have a map at Redcaps. I will ask everyone to build yourself some pins (toothpick with flags, or anything else) to mark your territories. When ever you gain turf from a mission you add 1 more hex to your territories. This happens immediately after the battle with your opponent present. You must choose and adjacent hex to the ones you occupy. You can always attack a hex that is up to 3 spaces away from your current territory, winning a battle for a hex will not grant you ownership but will reward you with a bonus for the next game. Though be careful if you attack the max distance you are allowed to attack your gangers might suffer some unpredictable "accidents". Upgrades in form of buildings can be purchased for credits and special events will happen that will reward upgrades.
I will ask people to always post a picture after they finish their games at Redcaps and post them on FB and is possible the chat. Reeasn why! I will want to try to keep the map as updated as possible so people can play from home, though if dispute happens for a territory those played at the store will have preference.

Have fun and give me all your feedback!!!

I will post shortly a Google doc with all the campaign rules. As of now if you want to start, go to Redcaps pick one of the encampants (see pictures I'm comments) and challange another player. I will officially start Thursday so if you can make it great!

Post pictures of your gangs and let's get fighting!