2018 Narrative Campaign

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2018 Narrative Campaign

Post by The Shrike » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:13 pm

So, this year I started a league for matched play which, while not WAAC or tournament-style, certainly injects a competitive spirit to what would other (possibly) have been beer and pretzels games. I quite enjoy forging a narrative, if only in my own head during these matches but I understand some people crave a more explicit, integral story element to their gaming.

I've got another child coming in January so will be doing very little dice rolling for the first half of the year but I'd love to DM a narrative campaign. It would give me some connection to 40k without actually playing lol.

Anyone interested? Any story or structural ideas? Jason, Colin and I had talked about a linear "tug of war" style territory map structure as opposed to a Hex map but that only works well with a myopic faction v faction like IoM vs. Chaos, and we don't want to lock out our Xenia friends.