X-Wing Magnets Group Order

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X-Wing Magnets Group Order

Post by tjkopena » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:06 am

It's come to this: I'm going to magnetize my X-Wing fleet.

The magnets are cheap but shipping & handling fees are annoying, so let me know if you would also like to buy some magnets in a group order.


Per small ship: $0.22 [R421]
Per small ship base/peg: $0.10 [NSB3]

Per large ship: $0.59 [R622CS-N]
Per large ship base/peg: $0.18 [NSB6]

Per very large ship (Ghost, etc): $3.22 [RC86]
Per very large ship base/peg (Ghost, etc): $0.55 [NSBA]

Remember that you only need as many bases/pegs as you would ever fly at once.

Magnetizing your ships is definitely not worth the hassle. Except, you might want to consider it for the large ships with terrible pegs that keep falling out. I'm looking at you, Ghost and Firespray! Anybody not comfortable with drilling out their ships, we could do that at Redcap's one night or something.

For the most part I'm going to order bits following this extensively used guide. If anybody wants to do a Ghost, however, I would recommend this alternative approach. I might also try the same w/ huge ships. I have not tried any of these myself, so if any of these approaches fail you're on your own.

If anybody does want to get some, I'll divide out the S&H by fractions of the order. If anybody wants anything else specific from K&J Magnetics, let me know. I'm aiming to put in the order by Friday at noon.