X-Wing Beginners Guide/Rules Reference

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X-Wing Beginners Guide/Rules Reference

Post by tjkopena » Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:12 am

X-Wing's basic rules are so simple and so elegant, and the rules reference that came with Force Awakens so solid, that I don't think this is super necessary. But it still looks handy for new players:


Note there's basically a 2 page rules summary, but then the following pages are meant to be cut apart to create a half page player turn walkthrough card. It's more condensed and straightforward to play from directly yet more comprehensive than the Learn to Play guide that comes with the core set. No examples, sidenotes, omissions, etc..

There's also a similar cue sheet for Epic ships, which will be handy when we get a big game together. I'm sure we have enough ships to go around at this point.