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Warlord Cagematch

Post by Arborwolf » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:02 pm

I was wondering if anyone has done a game-set like this in the past, or if anyone would have any interest in something like this: I was thinking that it may be fun to do a 1v1(model) tournament one day. I've thought of a few possible rules, let me know what you think would be fun.

-The tournament host chooses a point value cap for the models-

-Each player fields one Independent character of their choosing.
-May only choose options viable as per codex rules.
-Must be Painted(not sure about this)

-4+ cover saves are now 3+, 5+ Cover saves are now 4+ (To allow more opportunity for some epic hand to hand combat)

-May call in support in the form of blast templates once per match.(Also not sure about this. Strength/size/range of blast?)

-Power Ups
Power ups are placed on the map by tournament host upside down(before choosing sides), and are revealed when captured.

Power ups last one turn and offer a +1 bonus to the stat listed. (WS,BS,S,T,ETC...)

Power ups also have the chance of being a weapon replacement that must be taken in place for the current equivalent weapon if picked up.

Power ups have a smaller chance of reducing a stat instead of increasing.

-Board size is reduced to 4' x 4'.

Again these rules are just a spur of the moment idea, if there's a better alternative or something you'd like to throw in to spice up the play, let me know. Also I'm still new-ish to the game, so I have no concept of how to balance things! :lol: