Recommendations on miniatures packing foam and where to buy it cheaply?

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Recommendations on miniatures packing foam and where to buy it cheaply?

Post by flesh_pile » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:40 pm

Anyone have recommendations on what type of packing foam to use as well as where to purchase it? I'm working out a system for miniature storage, and want to make my own compact and inexpensive system rather than spend $40 per sheet of 'wargaming specific' foam that fits 40 or 50 guys. It seems like polyurethane open-celled foam is what the black stuff is that most cases use, but there are different weights available, and small sheets of it seem to have a premium price on Amazon - I'm looking for a bulk order of the stuff, or a similar foam material. Basically, all of my light weight, sturdy plastic figures will be grouped by squad in food storage containers, tightly packed so that they don't rattle around during transport (but not crammed so that arms and weapons are breaking off). More delicate plastic figures, tanks, metal figures, etc will get their own space. I plan on making it modular to fit into my existing Army Transport soft shoulder bag that I can easily transport around.
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