Need some loyalist advice to help me turn my coat

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Need some loyalist advice to help me turn my coat

Post by unseelied » Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:24 pm

So after taking a break from 40k for most of the summer I have decided to turn my coat and build a loyalist army. Ultimately I wanted to make a slaanishi bike army/counts as whitescars but in order to get all the painting and conversions I want into it I realized that the sun would most likely fizzle out before I finally finished it. So what I decided to do is to build and paint, as quickly a possible, a white scars army that I can play with while I build the "real" army. As I finish units I can swap them out for the real ones and then sell the ones I am no longer using. To make this easier I think that going actual whitescars would be easier to sell than some sort of purple filler bike army so I am going, at least for awhile, full on imperium. I had some loyalist questions and wanted to hear peoples opinions about some stuff as these are my first shaky steps into the emperor's light.

The army in broad strokes will be something like
chapter master with shield eternal on bike
maybe libby on bike
command squad with grav and stormshields on bikes with apothacary
some number of grav biker squads
two storm talons
Imperial knight

First question is what do you think squad size should be on the bikes? I was thinking two gravguns and a sarge with combi-grav and melta bombs. After that maybe one scrub to take some wounds making a total of four or do people think that isn't enough staying power?

Is Khan worth the points? I think that the scout move could be cool but he is almost a 150pt tax for a fairly weak HQ. He seems to be a popular choice on the interwebs, on the other hand, so am I missing something?

Can the apothacary in a command squad take a storm shield? It seems unclear to me. He starts out as a vet but does changing into a apothacary make him no longer a vet and so no longer able to take a shield?

Does a stormshield replace a weapon? It doesn't say it does so can you have two weapons in your hands and a stormshield strapped to your arm?

Do attack bikes with multimeltas have a place? With all the grav about are they really needed? If so how would you run them, as singles or as a large group of three or as part of a squad? Would it be better to just run one bike squad with meltas instead of grav and forget about them entirely?

Thanks for any imput.