Eclipse (the board game)

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Eclipse (the board game)

Post by EL Presidente!!!! » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:37 pm

I've been playing a good amount of this game. The person running it has all of the expansions and some cool 3D printed player/board aids that make the game run smoothly.

This is a game that I will ALWAYS opt to jump into the action. Some people have described it as Twilight Imperium ... rd-edition "lite" and I would agree. While Twilight Imperium DEFINITELY has more depth, it takes considerably more time to play. I've played this game on 4 different nights at the local board game meetup and we have always been able to play to the conclusion.

If you haven't tried this game, but are interested, give a shout out and we'll see what we can arrange. RedCaps has a copy of the base game in their game library so you can easily take it for a spin before you purchase it.

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