Metatopia convention in NJ Nov 2-5 -- anyone driving?

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Metatopia convention in NJ Nov 2-5 -- anyone driving?

Post by davidberg » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:56 pm

Is anyone from Philly going to this convention?

I can't post URLs (maybe because I just registered here?) but if you Google "Metatopia", it's the first hit.

The industry professionals are all signed up, but the con is still taking playtesters! I'm hoping to go -- I've been before, and these cons are always a blast.

If anyone could offer a ride, I'll be happy to chip in for gas, talk games on the ride, and introduce you to all the friendly folks I know in the RPG track!

Feel free to reply here or by email at bobsurface at the good ol' gmail.

Thank you!