*npr voice*Hello I'm a First time poster, long time player

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*npr voice*Hello I'm a First time poster, long time player

Post by Motormouth » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:57 pm

Hi All,

My name is Thom - I'm in Fishtown, avid cyclist and gamer and nerd of many stripes. I also have babby; she's 19mo.

I started playing DnD about 9 years ago through my boss at work. I have a core group that has persisted in some form since then; we have a weekly game night, currently with 3 of us (no current rpg campaign because of this). Our longest campaign was almost 2 years, spanning 1st level through 15 in 3.5e. Truly epic, I have fond memories (and mspaint recaps!).

We've played campaigns of Pathfinder when 4e came out (haha), and 5e. We have played many Dark Heresy campaigns in 1st and 2nd ed rules, even a hybrid deathwatch/DH game - there is a deep love of grimdark fluff among us. We also played XWing and I still have a small collection.

Our other big game interest is 40k and that is our current weekly gaming focus. We are kicking off a narrative campaign this week - planetary territory tiles, 800pt lists, you bring 3 and roll random for it to spice it up (and some other hausrule tweaks), primary/tertiary objectives...

Some of the armies I play against admech/Skitarii, Space Marines, IG, Nurgle, Tau, Orks, Khorne Daemonkin... there is a lot of collecting going on. There is a Reaver titan floating around.

I myself only ever play Tzeentch daemons though, because of my love of bright colors and also chaos. That's all I have (with two knights which I guess aren't tehnically daemons... but formations!! (And also some CSM stuff that sits in boxes)). I am mono-god which is hard (not alot of unit options) but I'm not competitive or good at this anyway.

The new Wrath of Magnus just dropped which gives me hope that maybe everything isn't going to be as asspensive as it used to be or broken, but I've already seen the rules on Pink Horrors and that looks ridiculous. We'll see.

Ok so that's my story.

Ps - My group is looking for gamers as well to do more rpg'ing - the game is in levittown (I drive) and there is tons of Forgeworld terrain, minis, etc for 40k and boxes and boxes of minis and terrain for DnD to use. It's a great, fun group of friends. We are planning a DnD 5e campaign to start in Jan.

I'm also looking to play&learn to get better at 40k tactics. I've only been dabbling in 40k for about 1.5y.

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Re: *npr voice*Hello I'm a First time poster, long time player

Post by Oblivionh » Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:50 am

Hi Thom!

Welcome to the PAGE board.

If you are interested and have the time, Red Caps Corner is where a lot of PAGE events are.

There is also a regular Thursday 40k group. If you ever find some free time on a Thursday, you should definitely stop by. Some people trickle in at 5:30 but most games don't start until 6/6:15.

The regular Thursday night crew doesn't have a dedicated daemons player so it would be awesome to see some daemons on Thursday more.

The armies you will see with the Thursday night crew: Grey Knights (me), Space Marines (all varieties but mostly Ravenguard, White Scars, or Imperial Fists), Tau, Necrons, Admech, and sometimes Space Wolves.

Most nights its a mix of competitive/narrative. It depends what mood everyone is in and who is playing who.

Some of us have a regular DND game every two weeks on Friday for about 3-4 hours. It's very theater of the mind if you are interested. We designed the campaign with the option to include walk in/walk out players to better fit everyone's schedules. So you wouldn't need to commit to anything, just let us know when you were showing up.

The narrative campaign you mentioned sounds really interesting. Do you have any story bits for it yet?


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Re: *npr voice*Hello I'm a First time poster, long time player

Post by timothyd4y » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:37 pm

Welcome, Thom. Looking forward to trying to send your demons back to the hole in the warp from which they came!

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Re: *npr voice*Hello I'm a First time poster, long time player

Post by The Shrike » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:24 pm

Hey, welcome. I have a baby too so understand the struggle of trying to #nerdout while also adulting hard.

Anyway, I'd love to branch out and meet more 40k people. I can rarely get down to 40k night at Red Caps because of my work schedule and parenting. But I have a pretty awesome mancave setup in the Northeast. Anyway, I'd be down for a game any time, PM me/reply here and I'll shoot you my number; play Tau.