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Post by tjkopena » Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:08 pm

I've created a Facebook page for PAGE (CC):


Note that this is a Facebook "page," not a "group." Berks PA Wargaming is a good example of the latter, that "group" is their main website and discussion forum. In contrast, on a "page", people who've liked it can post to it, but those posts will show up on the side. Redcap's store pages and other commercial pages are good examples. On a "page," the main feed is driven solely by posts made by admin accounts (currently Jason & I as we run a bunch of Facebook "pages," let me know if you want to be added). So, through the visitor posts it has a good avenue for people to ask public questions about events and such, which I think is useful in particular for outsiders coming to an event or interested in getting involved (they can also message the page privately, which we'll be notified of). But the page is intended for disseminating announcements to the larger public, not as a primary point of discussion, which will remain these forums.

Jason, Colin, and I talked about it on Saturday, and agreed that part of the success of the Killa Kanz event was a solid Facebook presence. Notably, at least four people came in from well outside the community (PSU). We're still not clear how exactly they found out about the event (they said Dakka, but I actually had not posted a link and couldn't find any), but clearly having a Facebook page was key in them getting engaged, asking questions, and coming out. So, we should start putting up Facebook events, occassional updates, etc., as part of an effort to connect with new people. In particular, as announced on Saturday and now public knowledge, myself along with Jason and Colin will be organizing both the 40k Trios and 40k Narrative at this year's NOVA convention. Although not technically PAGE organized events, many more people will be aware of than before and we should capitalize on that. I am also gearing up a little to think more seriously about how to run a few bigger events next year.

All that said, I wouldn't want to have all discussion on Facebook. We all agreed that these forums are a much better place to talk about lists, missions, event design, and how the Kingbreakers yet again stuffed the Nurgle traitors back into the Warp on Saturday (true story!). The archives are searchable, posts can be formatted, etc. So this forum isn't going anywhere. The Facebook page is for outreach, not ongoing discussion.

Long story short: If you do use Facebook, please "Like" the page and posts that you care about, "Share" events you're going to, etc. You never know who might see it and be interested. A good part of the current members came about just by chance, e.g., specific to Facebook, when Brett saw I had posted a diagram of the Kingbreakers' color scheme and asked if I play 40k, then turned around and dragged in Colin, etc.. But if you don't use Facebook, just carry on! Nothing about the forums or our events will change, except maybe there'll be some more new people showing up over time.